Learn to raise your first million dollars with style.

Raise your first
million dollars.

The most comprehensive, step-by-step guide
to closing financing for the first time


Hey, I'm Jared.

I’ve raised over $1MM for all of my companies and

helped dozens of others close over a hundred million more.




I don’t have an MBA, and I'm not a banker BUT... 
I raised most of the money before I even had a product. 

When I started, I didn't know anything about raising money. I didn't go to business school, had never worked for a tech company, didn't have any friends who'd raised money and frankly, didn't know the first thing about it.  



To date I've spent well over $100k paying consultants to raise money for me or to teach me how. 

I've hired guys who've raised $100MM, $500MM and one (very famous) guy who's closed over $1B personally as a banker (more on him later). What I learned is that once you've raised over $50MM, you don't remember how to raise $50,000. Seems odd, but it's true! You don't remember what it's like to walk into a room with ZERO credibility and a big idea. You've forgotten what it was like when you didn't know what Series A was, no less how to raise one. BUT, I do remember.

And that's what the First Million is all about.

I've designed it be the most comprehensive fundraising course in the world for raising money for the very first time.


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Included in the Mini-Course is the following:


12 Video Tutorials

In these videos I will walk you through every slide step-by-step, and give you detailed instructions on how to get those most out of each critical slide in your pitch-deck.


Pitch-Deck Template

The perfect pitch-deck template that I've used to help dozens of companies close their first round. This deck has been honed over years and is worth it's weight in gold!!!

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Bonus Video!!

I'll also include a bonus video explaining the strongest and fastest way to close: 'The Momentum Close'.



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