The Full Course

So you have a killer idea, but can’t find
the cash to get it rolling, right?
Well you've come to the right place!

The First Million is the most comprehensive fundraising course ever made for first time entrepreneurs.
It includes everything you need to know to close your first round in short, digestible segments. 

The course includes:


The Fundraising Process

Step-by-step instructions covering every aspect of the fundraising process

Email Templates

Proven email templates for recruiting investors, advisors and board members


Finding Investors

A complete guide to finding and closing ideal investors

Pitch Training

Pitch training for big and small groups

Financial Guide

Guide to building financials with templates

40hrs of content!

Over 40 hours of content broken into digestible bites



Here's what we'll cover:


1. Building a great pitch deck
2. How to find ideal investors
3. How to approach investors (cold)
4. How to generate warm intros
5. Pitching in person
6. Pitching over the phone/screen share
7. Critical tools and how to use them
8. Overcoming common obstacles/objections
9. Building your Board
10. Leveraging your Board for fundraising
11. Using crowdfunding platforms effectively
12. Using your network to build support
13. Optimizing your personal online presence
14. Optimizing your team's online presence 

15. Building financials/proforma
16. Running process - timing, emails, sequence
17. How to set meetings with new investor prospects
    (including email copy I've used successfully)
18. How to close friends and family
19. Getting your company presence ready
20. Sequencing your raise to create urgency
21. Setting your timeline around metrics you can control
22. Launching your raise
23. How to pick a good lawyer
24. Phase 1 closing: getting the soft circles
25. Phase 2 closing: getting a committed lead
26. Phase 3 closing: negotiating terms
27. Phase 4 closing: collecting checks


I will also include:


One-on-One Consultation

A FULL 1 hour consultation with me to go over anything you want!  Have any questions? This is where we will solve them! 



This course has a ton of time-tested AND useful info!
We will be launching soon, so get on the waitlist now!